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The Stronghold Ministries team involved in reaching those in bodybuilding and fitness attend various professional and amateur competitions around the country.  While there, they minister to athletes and officials through friendship, prayer and Bible Study, chapel services, and encouragement backstage.  The bodybuilding team members are:

  • Michael and Holly Wenger;
  • Andy and Deby Steiner;
  • Fred Krause;
  • Keith Jones.

The Stronghold team involved with the entertainment industry goes on location to reach out to entertainment professionals where they work – movie sets, television sets, and musical tours.  The team also provides counsel/discipleship training to individuals who desire to grow in their relationship with God.  And lastly, a weekly Bible Study equips, challenges, and encourages believers and seekers to draw near to the God who created them.  The entertainment team members are:

  • Michael and Holly Wenger.