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Before starting Stronghold Ministries, Michael Wenger served as an assistant chaplain on the supercross bike racing circuit and was based in Grand Rapids, Mich.  While in that position, he made contact with a woman who was involved in the bodybuilding and fitness industry.  As he began to pray for that those involved in bodybuilding and fitness, he felt God calling him to take a new position as chaplain of that industry. 

So, in February of 2002, Wenger and his ministry partner, Andy Steiner, stepped out in faith and attended their first bodybuilding and fitness contest under the Stronghold Ministries banner—seeking to share the love of Jesus with what was then a predominantly unreached industry.  God responded in an amazing way, and the two met many people who expressed their desire and excitement for a ministry focused on impacting bodybuilding and fitness professionals for Christ. 

By the end of that year, Wenger was serving as head pastor at a small church in Indiana, in addition to his work with Stronghold.  But over the course of the next several months, he came into contact with two Christians who were professional trainers in southern California—and he began to be burdened for and pray about a bigger mission field: Hollywood. 

A meeting in Los Angeles with a leader of another Hollywood ministry confirmed to Wenger that the Holy Spirit was moving—and would soon move him again.  In September 2004, he felt the Lord leading him to expand Stronghold Ministries, and Wenger—with the help of Artists in Christian Testimony, a missionary-sending agency in Nashville, Tenn.—relocated to Studio City, California, in the heart of Hollywood. 

Since then, Stronghold has made many substantial connections within the entertainment industry, and God continues to work in mighty and unexpected ways in Hollywood.  Additionally, many of the top male and female bodybuilding and fitness athletes are now growing as disciples of Jesus Christ.  

Please consider supporting Stronghold Ministries through prayer and financial giving.  And praise God that strongholds for Satan are being transformed into strongholds for Christ.